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Micro-sclerotherapy for thread veins

This is a cosmetic procedure to treat spider veins and small varicose veins. A tiny needle is introduced into the vein. The same drug solution used for foam sclerotherapy (above) is injected into the thread vein and reacts in a similar way.

It works very well for thread veins as the veins are much smaller.

This is charged at a sessional rate and the number of sessions will depend on the number of veins to be treated.

Treatment of venous ulcers

Venous ulcers are notoriously difficult to treat and can take along time to heal. We are happy to take private referrals for leg ulcers. After initial assessment ongoing ulcer treatment may be followed up on the NHS at the local vascular unit.

The usually take a few weeks to months to heal. The healing process is sometimes aided by a course of antibiotics, enforced bed-rest, leg elevation and specialised dressings such as vacuum dressing. Sometime we may need to do a skin graft.

recent studies suggest early treatment of Varicose veins can reduce the time to heal the ulcer,

Even after it has healed and the varicose veins have been treated, we would recommend wearing compression stockings to reduce your risk of further ulceration.

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